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Student attendance is verified by the time value of acceptable work completed as evaluated by the instructor.
  • Parents/guardians will be notified by phone, email, during check-in appointment or on assignment sheet, whenever the student fails to submit a substantial portion of the complete assignment. 
  • Failure to attend two weekly scheduled appointments with an amount of acceptable asynchronous work completed at home equal to at least minimum attendance requirements, will lead to the program counselor or principal being notified.  
  • When the cause of poor attendance/work quality has been determined, a remedial action will be recommended and communicated to the student and the parent. 
  • If there is no improvement in attendance and/or work quality, student and parent will be advised of other academic options.
  • Three missed assignments, or scheduled appointments, will lead to a mandatory re-evaluation of student placement in RISE. This applies to all scheduled appointments.  According to independent study law, there are no excused absences for missed appointments and/or incomplete homework.
Minimum attendance for students in grades 1-12 is 20 hours of work each week.
 Attendance Clerk - Kerry Landon