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Welcome to R.I.S.E.!

What is R.I.S.E?  RISE stands for:





We provide Independent Study Education for students in the Redlands Unified School District in grades 1-12

Students meet weekly one-on-one with a teacher (or teachers) on our campus (or via Zoom) and meet attendance requirements by completing their assignments.

Is Independent Study right for you?  Students that are successful in Independent Study:

  • Are goal oriented
  • Work hard to accomplish tasks without being told to do so
  • Ask for help when they get stuck
  • Build a schedule for themselves, and stick to it
  • Have a supportive adult around to help keep them motivated

R.I.S.E. is not a school, but rather a program where RUSD students can receive their education through independent study. All students remain registered at a home school and can return to that school at any time. 

At RISE, we partner with students to help them be successful in an independent study environment.  Independent Study is not for everyone, but many students find they thrive with additional independence.  Our passion is to provide these students with access to a rigorous, meaningful curriculum and support to find their individual path to success.  

How does RISE work?

  • Students meet weekly one-on-one with a teacher (or teachers)

  • Meetings available In Person OR on Zoom.

  • Students must apply and be accepted to participate. 

  • Attendance in independent study is earned by completing assignments.  

  • Independent study is a privilege, not a right. By law, students who do not regularly complete assignments or fail to attend scheduled appointments may not remain in Independent Study, but are sent back to a traditional school setting.

  • Courses follow district scope and sequence for instruction and use district adopted textbooks and materials.

  • Tutoring and support is available.

  • Elementary-age weekly student appointments include parents.

  • There is NO COST to students or families to participate in Independent Study.

  • Students may participate in sports teams, band/music and CTE classes at their home sites. (NOTE: independent study does not meet NCAA requirements for athletes planning to compete in NCAA sports at Division I or II schools.)

If you and your family believe independent study is a good fit for you, please click the link below. Completing this application will place your student on our waiting list. This does not guarantee your student a spot in RISE. It is important that your student(s) continue to attend their current school until we call you with an available appointment for them to start RISE. Our staff will contact you when a spot becomes available. 

Applications for the RISE Program are NOW OPEN for students currently enrolled in RUSD in grades 1-12!





Contact us: (909) 307-5390


Principal - Jeff Im

Office Manager - Dana Smythe-Negron

Attendance Clerk - Kerry Landon

Data Clerk - Mellisa Ramirez

Elementary and Middle School RISE Counselor - Sally Chavez-Oyervides

High School RISE Counselor - Alaine Murphy