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High School Program

High School


High School Program

The Redlands Independent Study program is designed specifically for high school students. Online learning is NOT for all students. It requires good time management and the ability to work independently. R.I.S.E. is not a school, but rather a program where RUSD students can receive their education through independent study. All students remain registered at a home school and can return to that school at any time. 

At RISE, we partner with students to help them be successful in an independent study environment.  Independent Study is not for everyone, but many students find they thrive with additional independence.  Our passion is to provide these students with access to a rigorous, meaningful curriculum and support to find their individual path to success.  Students are required to attend online classes with their teachers and other students in small group settings. Students also meet weekly one-on-one with a teacher (or teachers).

Attendance in independent study is earned by completing assignments.  By law, students who do not regularly complete assignments or fail to attend scheduled appointments may not remain in Independent Study, but are sent back to a traditional school setting.
Courses follow district scope and sequence for instruction and use district adopted textbooks and materials.
Tutoring and support is available.

RISE students fulfill the same graduation requirements as those attending any RUSD high school, satisfying both UC and CSU entrance requirements. College preparatory and AP level core classes are available to all students. Students complete a course of study based on their grade level and interest. Our counselors are available to develop a plan of study tailored to meet the students’ goals and needs.

Students also partner with local Community Colleges to take additional classes as desired, including ASL (sign language), English 101, Math 101, business, sociology, psychology, oceanography, computer science, art, astronomy...